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How the Sun Can Damage Your Eyes

Just as sunlight damages the skin, it can also damage the eyes. The sun emits UV rays which can be harmful to our eyes after prolonged exposure. Our eyelids are particularly vulnerable due to their thin skin and fragile tissues. Without the right protection, your eyes could suffer from some serious, long-term issues. Macular Degeneration… Read more »

How to Protect Your Eyes During Allergy Season

Spring is here, but with warmer temperatures comes more pollen. You’re sneezing, you’re coughing, and your eyes are red and itchy. It’s not a good look, and it certainly doesn’t feel good either, so how do you protect yourself, or your kids, against it? Protect your home Allergens can still follow you inside, so it’s… Read more »

My Child Scratched His Eye…What Should I Do?

A scratched eye, known as a corneal abrasion, is an injury commonly experienced by children. What causes a scratched eye? Often times, the cause of a scratched eye is simply accidental, ranging from babies exploring their face with their hands, a foreign object entering the eye, another small child accidentally poking the eye, or playing… Read more »

Eat These 5 Foods to Protect the Health of Your Eyes

Our vision shapes the way we see the world. Likewise, it’s important that we do whatever we can to protect our eyes from harm, like wearing UV-blocking sunglasses when we’re outside. But wearing sunglasses isn’t the only thing we can do to protect our eyes. We can also eat foods that promote eye health and… Read more »

Skiing, Sun and Shades: Risks on the Slopes

You apply sunscreen, wear a hat and put on pair of polarized shades to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays before heading to the beach, but these steps should be followed before partaking in winter activities too – especially if you are going skiing this season. Most people don’t think to protect their… Read more »