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The Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Eyes

The Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Eyes

Protecting our children’s eyes is about more than safeguarding their vision; it’s also about protecting their overall health. From digital screens to UV rays, there are many things out there in the world that can harm their eye health. As parents and caregivers, then, you have to take extra steps to protect your child’s eyes… Read more »

Best Vitamins to Support Healthy Eyes

We have all heard that carrots are one of the best vegetables for promoting healthy eyes, and chances are good that you include them in your children’s regular diet. What you may not be aware of is that there are several vitamins and nutrients that contribute to eye health as well. While these vitamins may not… Read more »

My Child Scratched His Eye…What Should I Do?

A scratched eye, known as a corneal abrasion, is an injury commonly experienced by children. What causes a scratched eye? Often times, the cause of a scratched eye is simply accidental, ranging from babies exploring their face with their hands, a foreign object entering the eye, another small child accidentally poking the eye, or playing… Read more »

Prepare Your Kids for School with a Full Optometric Test

One-quarter of school-age children suffer from a vision problem, but without a comprehensive eye exam, these issues can be misdiagnosed as a learning disorder. Before your kids go back to school this year, take them for a full optometric examination to cover all of the following tests, named by the American Optometric Society and All… Read more »

Key Vision Problems to Identify in Infants & Younger Children

There are several eye conditions that can affect kids from a young age, and early diagnosis is essential to start treatment as soon as possible and reduce the risk of developing a serious condition that may permanently affect vision. The following are the most common vision problems affecting infants and young children, named by Davis… Read more »