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My Child Scratched His Eye…What Should I Do?

A scratched eye, known as a corneal abrasion, is an injury commonly experienced by children. What causes a scratched eye? Often times, the cause of a scratched eye is simply accidental, ranging from babies exploring their face with their hands, a foreign object entering the eye, another small child accidentally poking the eye, or playing… Read more »

May is Healthy Vision Month

The summer provides the perfect time to play and explore outdoors. There is nothing children like more than going to the park, building sandcastles on the beach during vacation, riding their bikes, and hiking through the woods. However, with great summer fun also comes the risks of dangerous UV rays to watch out for. In… Read more »

Develop Your Infant’s Hand-Eye Coordination

Between the age of one and four months, babies start to gain control over their movements. This begins with reaching, grabbing, and pointing and later progresses to major developments like crawling and walking. Actively practicing motor skills with your baby will improve hand-eye coordination and build strength, explains Parents. Here are a few methods to… Read more »

Proper Safety Eyewear is Crucial for Kids Playing Football

Like all other contact sports, football poses a great risk to the eyes, meaning it is essential that kids wear proper protection to avoid injuries, such as corneal abrasions, blunt trauma, penetrating injuries, and UV radiation damage. To ensure you choose the right sports eye glasses for your kids, follow this advice from Eye Kit…. Read more »

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of National Children’s Vision & Learning Month

In 1995, president Bill Clinton named August “National Children’s Vision and Learning Month” to draw attention to the link between vision and learning. This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary by spreading the word to yet more parents and educators that vision problems, left undiagnosed, can lead to significant learning problems that could easily be… Read more »