Support Children’s Eye Protection with Star Pupils and RKS

Star Pupils Real Kids ShadesAs we are fresh off of Prevent Blindness America’s Eye on Capitol Hill National Call-In Day we would like to share a special joint effort with you. Real Kids Shades has teamed up with Prevent Blindness America to promote children’s eye safety. Are you wondering how we plan to do that? With a special pair of kids’ sunglasses of course! The joint effort to ensure that 5 million children have healthy eyes and healthy futures benefits “Star Pupils,” a trademark program of Prevent Blindness America in which parents are equipped with the correct eye safety knowledge for children.

The special Star Pupils brand of Real Kids Shades offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. As with all pairs of Real Kids Shades they feature shatter-proof and impact resistant lenses and can be fit for a prescription. They are currently available in pink and blue for ages 0-24 months, wit 20 percent of the proceeds being donated to Star Pupils. For more information on how you can order your Star Pupils brand of kid sunglasses from Real Kids Shades visit the Real Kids Shades website.