Sunscreen for the Eyes

Mother applying sun protection cream to her daughter at tropical

With the recent back and forth over which kid’s sunscreen products are safest, best for preventing sunburn, and contain the least amount of chemicals, there’s one thing that we tend to overlook: protecting the eyes.

Kids will be kids; their curiosity is through the roof and they can be absolutely fearless. Parents can try to warn them until they’re blue in the face, but until they’re older, kids will not realize the impact that their actions could have on their bodies and health. And that’s okay. That’s why “sunscreen for the eyes” is now a thing. Doctor recommended sunglasses for kids are not only a fashion statement, but they’re an extremely effective way of protecting your children’s eyes from sun damage.

Kids tend to spend more time than adults in the sun, as their energy levels are too high to be kept inside.  Riding bikes, recess, backyard baseball, playgrounds, and neighborhood friends can all be found just outside the front door. Although clear skies play a large role in sun damage, sun damage can still occur on cloudy days and winter months.

The lenses of children’s eyes are not fully developed and are much more susceptible to the damage of bright lights. Excess UV exposure can be linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and, in extreme cases, blindness.

Using other methods, like wearing a hat for instance, is effective but not a guarantee. Investing in sunglasses for your child is a proven, successful solution. Be sure to check for indestructibility, bend-ability, scratch-ability, and adjustability. Luckily, all of these factors are covered with Real Kids Shades, the number one youth eyewear protection company in the US. They have been doctor approved and tested to ensure the utmost safety for your child.