Sunglasses with Tween Style

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Older children and pre-teens are a picky bunch! They still require child sizes but often their taste in clothes and accessories lean toward what all the teenagers are wearing. Our quality tween shades, however, offer the perfect sunglass solution. Made for children ages 7-12, these sunglasses are the perfect marriage of function and style. Not only do they meet the highest safety standards, but they allow kids to express their personal style, too.

Tween girls who love fashion naturally gravitate towards our Fabulous shades. With a stylish black and tortoise shell, these shades allow girls to unearth their inner Jackie O!

Fabulous in Tortoise Shell


Blade is a unisex style that appeals to sporty boys and girls. The wrap shape provides great sun protection, and tweens love the adult-like look.

Blade in White


Xtreme Chill is another sporty style designed for older children and pre-teens who love rugged outdoor sports. These glasses are perfect for mountain biking, mountain climbing, skiing and other extreme sports.

Xtreme Chill Gear in Red


Visit the Real Kids Shades website to see out entire collection of infant, children and pre-teen sunglasses.

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