Sunglasses Spotlight: Xtreme Sports Sunglasses!

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Does your child always seem to be the one ready to take on a new adventure? Are they constantly finding new activities and sports to get involved in? As a parent, it’s exciting to see your child want to take part in so many new activities. After all, you want to encourage kids to stay involved, but at the same time, you always want them to stay protected. With the Xtreme Sports sunglasses from Real Kids Shades, you’ll find just the balance of adventure and protection that you are looking for.

Sports Sunglasses

Our Xtreme Sports sunglasses were designed with the most outgoing of children in mind. These are the kids that are happy to jump into wave running, triathlons, skiing, and much more. For these active kids, their eyes need a little extra protection.

Sports Sunglasses

As their name suggests, the Xtreme Sports sunglasses are highly durable. With anti-fog vents, 100% UVA/UVB shatter-proof lenses, a foam-backed polycarbonate frame, and a mesh-lined adjustable neoprene band, these sports sunglasses provide a comfortable fit for kids, no matter the environment. And since we can never predict what sort of setting the kids will be enjoying these sports in, the Xtreme Sports sunglasses shield the eyes from sunlight at every angle.

Sports Sunglasses

With kids taking on more and more adventurous activities, we can only imagine what kinds of sports these glasses could be used in. What extreme sports have your children showed an interest in?

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