Sunglasses Spotlight: Xtreme Elements

Toddlers Sunglasses

Xtreme Element sunglasses for ages 3-7

A few weeks ago, we shared with you all some of our favorite aspects of the Xtreme Sports sunglasses for the youngsters, but shouldn’t some “extreme” options exist for the toddlers as well? After all, many of the infants and young children are often exposed to just as much sunlight as their older siblings, so they need great eye protection as well. This is where our Xtreme Elements sunglasses come into play.


At Real Kids Shades, we designed our Xtreme Elements sunglasses specifically for young eyes and tiny heads. These sunglasses are equipped with a soft, adjustable neoprene band and foam-backed polycarbonate frames that are perfectly comfortable for a toddler’s head. Xtreme Elements are also perfect for the adventurous little ones, as they stay on well and will even float if they are lost in the water.


Perfect for toddlers and children up to 7 years old, the Xtreme Elements sunglasses from Real Kids Shades are a fantastic option for the kids that stay on the go! Head over to Real Kids Shades online to see our great color choices and to get more information about our kids’ sunglasses collections.