Sunglasses Spotlight: Sunglasses for Summer Sports

When your children are active in summer sports it is critical to ensure their eyes are protected from the sun and injury. Real Kids Shades has three types of sunglasses that are hardworking, durable, and protect your children’s eyes 100% from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Designed so kids will love to wear them, these quality sunglasses for kids are great for water-based activities and sports like mountain biking, hiking, and more!


Xtreme Elements
These shades are designed to be the pair your child will love to wear with an adjustable strap made of soft neoprene that makes the sunglasses float if they come off in water – no more sunglasses lost in the bottom of the lake! Additionally,¬†Xtreme Elements¬†shades have lenses are shatterproof, made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. And their wraparound style ensures even peripheral coverage from the sun’s harmful rays.

kids sunglasses for summer sports


Xtreme Sports
Designed to stay on your child’s face during more intense activities such as skiing, wave running, and even triathlons, the Xtreme Sports line features anti-fog vents to reduce fogging due to moisture buildup and a comfortable neoprene band designed with the power to stay fastened. Waterproof and rustproof, these sunglasses are built to last.

xtreme sport


Xtreme Convertible
Unique to Real Kids Shades, Xtreme Convertible¬†sunglasses convert from traditional temple-style shades to sports band shades in seconds! Quick-lock tabs enable a switch from relaxed-mode regular arms to stay-put sports mode and back as needed. With all the regular safety features of our other lines, the convertible is also available with your child’s prescription lenses if necessary.

convertible style sunglasses for kids


As a leading maker and provider of quality sunglasses for kids, Real Kids Shades understands that shades are only useful if they are on your child’s face when they are exposed to the sun. We create our products so they are the shades you have to pry off your children’s faces rather than struggle to keep them on! Check out our full line of sunglasses for every child’s needs, from Xtreme to fashionable, and take advantage of our limited-time offer of free shipping on all orders over $25!