Sunglasses – Necessary Baby Gear

Trying to leave the house with a baby can be overwhelming! By the time the diaper bag is packed, new parents often wonder if it is even worth going out. We know how tough it can be, and that is why we hesitate to tell you that you might have forgotten something! Did you remember to put on your baby’s sunglasses? Yes, babies need sunglasses, t0o; it is never too young to start this eye safety habit. Simply put, sunglasses are necessary baby gear, and you can consider Real Kids Shades the baby sunglass gear experts!

Real Kids Shades makes 100% UV protection sunglasses for babies starting at infancy and continuing through age 12. Our mission is to have all children safe and protected from the harmful effects of the sun no matter how small! Our My First Shades are designed to fit the littlest ones only days old!


We also offer a special Sun Hat Combo Pack with a really adorable UPF 50 sunhat to go along with the sunglasses. This pack gives harmful UV rays a one-two punch!

Both our My First Shades and our Sunhat Combo are priced so reasonably you won’t hesitate to stock up on several pairs. Stash a hat and sunglasses in the stroller, car and diaper bag, and you will always be prepared.