Sunglasses are Essential Winter Gear

When winter weather arrives, coats, mittens, hats, and scarves are some of the essentials we use to keep our children warm and to protect their skin from becoming wind-chapped. Another essential item you’ll need – but may not initially think about – is a pair of sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes from sun damage.


Even on cloudy winter days, the sun’s glare bouncing off of a freshly fallen snow can damage your child’s eyes and vision if left unprotected. As you bundle up for some winter fun, don’t forget to protect your children’s eyes. Sunglasses are an essential part of winter gear. Below are our favorite products for extreme winter fun.


Our Xtreme Elements shades are designed for infants and children through age 7. These sunglasses feature loop lenses made of shatterproof, impact resistant polycarbonate and comfortable, foam-backed frames. And the best part is, they have a soft neoprene headband to make sure they stay in place!

extreme elements sunglasses

Xtreme Element shades for 3-7 years

Your tweens will love the oh-so-cool Xtreme Chill sunglasses. These shades include extended shatterproof Revo lenses to give protection from the sun at a wide angle. The durable Xylex frames are extremely durable and will survive whatever your child will put them through. If your child wears glasses for vision correction, the Xtreme Chill shades can even be fitted with prescription lenses. 

xtreme chill sunglasses

Xtreme Chill sunglasses from Kids Real Shades

For the budding athletes in your family, our Xtreme Sport shades are the best. They feature 100% UVA/UVB lenses that will not shatter. The wrap-around, foam-backed polycarbonate frames help decrease exposure to peripheral light. Xtreme Sport glasses also feature anti-fog vents to help keep your kid’s vision clear during rigorous activity. Xtreme Sport sunglasses are available in designs for ages 3 to 7 and 7 to 12. 

xtreme sport sunglasses

Xtreme Sport sunglasses from Kids Real Shades

This holiday season, give the kids in your life a cool gift that will keep on giving by protecting their eyesight day after day. Visit the Real Kids Shades website to check out our entire line of fashionable and affordable sunglasses for kids!

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