Summer Fun & Games with Sidewalk Chalk

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Summertime means getting outside and enjoying some fun in the sun. Playscapes, sprinklers, and swimming pools are great fun when kids want to play outdoors, but what about letting your kids express their creativity with some good old fashioned sidewalk chalk?


From pictures to games, sidewalk chalk activities offer infinite creative freedom for kids to use their imagination. Below are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing, from tried-and-true favorites to unique and exciting ideas.


Hopscotch – Hopscotch is a traditional sidewalk chalk game, but we especially love it for younger kids, as it encourages them to work with numbers and helps develop their balancing skills.

sidewalk chalk games
Source: Down Home

Shape Hunt – Draw out a number of different shapes on the sidewalk, such as circles or squares. The artist then shouts out the name of any shape, and his or her friends will then scramble to find the shape to stand on. Older kids can make it even more challenging by drawing three-dimensional shapes.

sidewalk chalk activities
Source: PALS Idea Bank / Pinterest

Shape Maze – This game involves shapes, too, but is a bit more challenging. Cover the driveway with all sorts of shapes. Then, select one shape to be the one you are allowed to step and jump on to make your way to the other side.

sidewalk chalk games for kids
Source: Creative Family Fun

Tracing Shadows – Show your child how to trace shadows. You can use this as an opportunity to teach them about the sun’s movement and how that causes our shadows to be longer or shorter depending on where the sun is positioned in the sky. They can draw faces and outfits on each shadow, or they can try tracing shadows of other objects, like their bikes and toys.

sidewalk chalk activities
Source: Carrie via Pinterest

Snapshots – Have your child draw different types of caps, hats or even a crown fit for a prince or princess. Then have him or her lay down below it (if it’s hot out, be sure to bring some towels out for the kids to lie down on) so that you can snap a photo, making it look like they are wearing their drawing! You could even let them write a message in a speech bubble on the ground and send the picture as a special message to mom or dad at work or to grandparents.

summer activities with sidewalk chalk
Source: All Things With Purpose


What are your children’s favorite sidewalk chalk games and pictures to draw? Tell us in a comment below.
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