Summer Family Fun: Outdoor Movie Night

Watching a movie together as a family is a great way to bond, but why not take it one step further by holding a movie night outdoors? Take advantage of the summer weather while it lasts and do something a little different to keep things interesting for the kids. You can also invite other family members and neighbors over to join in the fun.


Whatever you choose to incorporate into your movie night, there are three essential pieces of equipment that you cannot omit, according to She Knows. These are a DVD projector, speakers, and a screen. If you plan to hold outdoor movie nights regularly, you may want to invest in a good quality projector, but if you just want to do one for a special occasion, you can rent all the equipment you need. You can even make your own screen by hanging a large bed sheet against the side of your house and weighing the top and bottom with thin strips of wood.

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Source: Bash, Please; Photo by Annie McElwain via Houzz


Families with Purpose recommends keeping everything as simple as possible to avoid becoming stressed. Involve everyone in the planning (including the kids), and ensure you have someone who knows how to set up the DVD and audio equipment – if it’s your first time having an outdoor movie night you might want to practice setting up the equipment a few days in advance so there’s no delay on movie night. You can also ask guests to bring their own beverages, chairs, blankets, and bug spray.


To make sure the night is as enjoyable as possible, Oh Happy Day recommends picking a movie that is suitable for both adults and children, such as an old classic or a favorite animated movie. An easy way to decide on a movie is to pick a theme for the event, suggests Global Post. This will give you ideas for other activities you can include in the movie night and is a sure-fire way to get everyone interested in helping out with making decorations and preparing themed snacks. For example, you could choose a car theme and show flicks like the Disney movies Cars and Herbie the Love Bug. Decorations could include checkered flags and you could set up your movie area like a drive-in theater and let kids make their own cars out of old cardboard boxes to sit in during the movie, similar to the ones below.

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What activities does you plan for summer family fun nights with your kids? Leave a comment below to share with us!


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