Summer Eye Safety Tips for Kids

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Now that your children are out of school and summer is about to officially begin they will be spending an increased amount of time outdoors. Which means their eyes will be at risk of sustaining UV damage from the suns rays. Keep these summer eye safety tips in mind as your little ones head outside to keep them protected:

  • Make sure your kids wear sunglasses, especially younger children.
    • Make sure the sunglasses you purchase are block both UVA and UVB radiation. Also consider those with a polycarbonate lens and strap to keep them in place such as the Real Kids Shades My First Shades.
  • Wear protective eye gear for sports involving balls.
    • The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that children wear polycarbonate goggles for baseball, basketball and racket sports, including tennis.
  • If sand gets in your child’s eyes, don’t let them rub it.
    • Immediately take your child to a sink with running water and pour water over the eye to remove the sand. Do not allow them to rub their eyes as this can cause damage to the cornea (outer layer of the eye). If flushing and blinking does not remove the sand particles seek medical attention.
  • Find and use a non-irritating sunscreen.
    • Look for those that are PABA free since they often cause irritation in some individuals.
  • Check the chlorine level in your pool.
    • If your swimming pool has too little chlorine, it can allow algae and other bacteria to grow which can lead to eye infections.  Also, be sure to check the levels of chloramines and the pH of the pool to avoid stinging and redness.  One easy solution is to have your child wear goggles that will keep pool water from entering their eyes.  After swimming have your child shower and if redness and irritation persist it could be a sign of a more serious infection and should be seen by a physician.

To order your child a pair of sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection visit the Real Kids Shades website.

Tips from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles