Summer Eye Injuries: Sun & Sports Most Detrimental to Eyes

Just like different sports offer different health benefits, each also vary in their risk to eyes. Although kids should wear their sunglasses for all outdoor activities, there are certain sports that are more likely to put them in danger from the sun and other eye injuries. For the following, take extra precautions and never allow your kids to participate without wearing shades that block 100 percent of UV rays.

Summer Eye Injuries: Sun & Sports Most Detrimental to Eyes

Keep your kids’ eyes protected this summer from everything. Source: Real Kids

Summer Activities and Eyes


Swimming leads to more eye injuries than any other activity in kids aged 15 and under, according to MedicineNet. The main causes are pool chemicals (which can irritate eyes) and impact with pool toys, elbows, and feet.


Hiking at high altitudes, particularly where there is snow, can lead to painful photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye, explains The New York Times.

Beach Activities

Whether your kids are playing on the sand or in the water, their eyes are in danger of sun damage at the beach. Sunlight reflects off both surfaces, intensifying the strength of UV rays.

Choosing Sunglasses

To keep eyes safe during these and other summer activities, look for the following characteristics when purchasing sunglasses for your kids:

  • Wraparound lenses. The best protection comes from lenses that cover the eyes completely and prevent light from entering around the sides. Large lenses are also a good option.
  • Tint. Choose a tint color that is best for the sports your kids practice. Bear in mind that dark lenses are no indication of UV protection.
  • Polarized. If your kids partake in water sports or other activities where they are bothered by glare, choose polarized lenses, which will improve visual clarity.
  • Impact-resistance. Polycarbonate lenses are 10 times stronger than any other plastic and will not shatter even if struck by a fast-moving object.
  • Quality. Always avoid ripoffs from unlicensed sellers, as these will likely have little to no UV protection.

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