Summer Camp Essentials

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Summer camp can foster memories that last a lifetime. A week away at camp can offer a host of opportunities for kids to make new friends, have new experiences, try new activities, and create memories that they’ll be able to cherish for the rest of their lives.


But before we send our children off to camp, we’ve got to make sure they have packed everything they’ll need. Most camps will provide a helpful packing guide with a list of items that campers might need. But we’d like to supplement this with additional recommendations we’ve compiled from some wonderful mommy blogs.


Personalized GearResourceful Mommy offers up great ideas for personalizing gear like backpacks and water bottles. Labeling these items makes them easier for your little camper to keep track of them and spot them in a group. Plus, it ensures that all of these items make their way back home, too.

summer camp essentials for kids
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StationeryAlpha Mom suggests packing some pre-addressed, stamped envelopes with coordinating note cards, or postcards, to make it easy for your child to write home. You might also want to address some extra envelopes to other family members or friends so your child can share their camp experience with their grandparents or a close friend.

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A Note From Home – We love this suggestion from She Knows. Send a letter to your camper in advance so they have a special note from home when they arrive at camp! Or, consider tucking a note into their luggage so they’ll find it as they unpack. A note from mom or dad can give equip your camper with a comforting smile and a small boost of confidence.

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Flashlight – A flashlight is another summer camp essential for nighttime activities, and as Alpha Mom suggests, it will also come in handy if your camper wants to “read your letters under the covers after dark when he’s feeling a little homesick.”

what to send to summer camp with your kids
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Camera – A camera was among Family Education’s list of the top ten items to pack for your child’s summer camp experience. When your child returns from camp, you can have the pictures developed and let your child make a summer camp scrapbook.

what kids should take to summer camp
Photo via Family Education


JournalFamily Education also included a journal in its summer camp essentials list. Pack a journal and some pens or pencils so your child can write down their favorite activities and memories. They might be able to include these notes into their camp scrapbook.

packing for summer camp
Photo via Family Education


And of course, campers always need to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat! Check out the Real Kids Shades website to view our line of stylish shades that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and purchase a pair for your camper today!

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What items do you consider to be summer camp packing essentials? Leave a comment to share with us as we get our campers geared up for summer fun!


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