Staying Fit as a Family

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Most people know that physical exercise can benefit the heart and the waistline, but did you know that staying fit is also essential for maintaining healthy eyes? People who participate in moderate exercise on a regular basis are 25 percent less likely to develop glaucoma and those who exercise at least three times a week are less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration, reports Eye Smart.


To help keep the eyes of your kids healthy, below are some fun ways you can stay fit as a family.


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Healthy Treats

Whoever said treats had to be unhealthy? There are plenty of ways to encourage your family to eat well while satisfying their tummies. Health presents the following suggestions, all of which you can easily prepare at home:


  • Kid-size sandwiches made with mini whole-wheat pitas
  • Low-fat yogurt parfaits
  • 100 percent juice popsicles
  • Frozen grapes



This fun activity is a great way to add a new element to hiking. It involves using a handheld GPS to find hidden containers called geocaches, and, upon finding the geocache, you can sign the log and leave behind a trinket for the next geocacher. There’s no need to travel far to practice geocaching — most likely, there are a number of them around your surrounding neighborhoods.


Charity Walks

Another way to get fit and stay fit as a family is to participate in walks or races that benefit charities in your community, suggests Parents. This not only shows your kids the importance of being active, but it also teaches them to support organizations that provide help to those in need. Sit down as a family and choose a walk or race that supports a cause you care about, such as the children’s hospital or an organization that raises funds for cancer research.


An Obstacle Course

Very young children may struggle to keep up with more challenging physical activities, so consider scaling back a bit for the younger siblings and build an obstacle course in your backyard or basement (WebMD). Use balls of varying sizes, cones, hula hoops and anything else you can find to create a free-play environment that encourages your kids to explore movement without an organized fitness program.


Of course, if your family is exercising outdoors, make sure everyone is wearing sunglasses, sunscreen and other protective gear. Check out our collection at Real Kids to find sunglasses for your children.

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