Starting Your Kids’ Day with Breakfast

It may seem like common sense that you would kick start your child’s day with breakfast, but with today’s busy schedules children often go without the most important meal of the day. It is important for your child to eat breakfast every morning to provide energy throughout the day and keep them healthy overall. Not only is September Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, it’s Better Breakfast Month as well. To celebrate we are sharing why breakfast is so important every morning.boy asleep at table with breakfast bowl

Breakfast is important because…

  • It gives your child the needed energy for the day.
  • It increases your child’s performance in academics and sports.
  • It kick starts metabolism to burn fat more effectively.
  • It helps with maintaining a healthy body weight and prevents over eating throughout the day.
  • It provides the brain with its needed energy source, glucose.
  • It improves your child’s psychosocial behaviors.
  • It helps to decrease overall fat intake throughout the day.