Spring Sports Safety Tips

We already looked at the importance of children’s eye safety in spring sports in a previous post, but protecting eyes is just one part of keeping kids safe at practice and during games. There are a number of other safety tips that parents, especially those who volunteer as coaches, should keep in mind to ensure kids avoid injuries and have fun all season long.



Source: Meawpong3405 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1. Make Sure Players Stay Hydrated

Encourage kids to consume fluids 30 minutes before any physical activity and then every 15 to 20 minutes during, recommends Children’s Hospital Colorado. The best practice is to include mandatory water breaks during both practice and games to ensure kids are drinking enough.


2. Warm Up and Cool Down to Prevent Injuries

Warm ups and cool-downs release muscle tension and reduce the risk of sport-related injuries such as muscle tears and sprains, explains Safe Kids Worldwide. Make sure kids have enough time to stretch before playing and then again after the practice or game has finished.


3. Only Let Children Who Are Physically and Mentally Capable Participate

Allow your kids to take part in a spring sport only if they are physically conditioned for the intensity of the activity. If you are unsure, you should talk to the coach or medical staff about your child’s medical history and any ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, recommends Moms Team. In addition, kids should be psychologically in shape and should want to participate.


4. Dedicate Time for Rest and Recovery

Take breaks during both practice and games to prevent injuries and, during hot or humid weather, prevent heat illness, advises American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition, ensure kids take a break from their spring sport at least one day a week to allow their bodies to recover.


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