Spring Allergies? Tips for Alleviating Dry, Itchy Eyes

Spring Allergies? Tips for Alleviating Dry, Itchy Eyes

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For allergy sufferers, spring is far from a season of warmth and renewal. As flowers bloom, pollen fills the air, leading to red, itchy, and puffy eyes for 20 percent of the population. Although they pose no threat to vision, eye allergies are a nuisance and very uncomfortable. Luckily, there are several solutions to help your family find relief from dry eyes and allergies, named by WedMD.

How to Find Relief from Dry Eyes and Allergies

  • Check the pollen count. Stay indoors, or at least limit the amount of time you spend outdoors, whenever the pollen count is high. Levels tend to rise at mid morning and early evening.
  • Turn on the air conditioner. Close the windows, turn off any window fans (as these may draw pollen inside), and run the air conditioner. Favor the air conditioner over open windows when driving.
  • Mop your floors. Sweeping will only spread allergens around, often aggravating your symptoms. If possible, you should also replace rugs and carpets with hardwood or tile flooring and opt for blinds instead of curtains.
  • Pay attention to bedding. Cover your pillows in allergen-impermeable cases, and wash all your bedding in hot water. Replace mattresses every few years to avoid a buildup of allergens.
  • Use a dehumidifier. If mold allergens present a problem, keep humidity at 50 percent or lower. Use a humidifier in damp areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement.
  • Avoid pet allergies. Never allow your pets to enter your bedroom and, if the weather allows, keep your pet outside more during the spring.
  • Never rub your eyes. When your eyes become itchy, it may be tempting to rub them, but this will only aggravate your symptoms. A better option is to apply a cool compress, sterile saline rinse, or eye lubricant to alleviate irritation and wash out allergens.

If none of these home solutions work, see your doctor. It may be that the cause of your symptoms is an infection or another condition.

You can also protect your eyes from allergens by wearing sunglasses. Check out Real Kids’ collection to find a pair for your child.