Sporty Sunglasses for Girls

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Does your daughter love the sporting life? Is she constantly on the go, hitting the playing fields or heading off for an outdoor adventure? We have a wonderful collection of sporty sunglasses designed just for your active daughter. And knowing that sunglasses won’t protect kids if they don’t want to wear them, we make shades that are hard to resist!

We offer sunglasses in great colors and styles that your kids will love. Our children’s sunglasses are also very comfortable, so your child will forget they’re wearing them once they put them on.


These hot pink and orange Flex Duo sunglasses are the latest addition to the Flex line. Parents and kids love that these frames are soft and flexible, allowing them to stand up to the most active of kids.

She’ll be ready for a serious bike race or just a ride around the block with these Blade sunglasses for children ages 7-12. This super sporty style looks just like mom’s!

Now we know not every girl loves pink, but it is our experience that most of them do! Our hot pink Glides balance being both sporty and glamorous!


All Real Kids Shades for girls or boys provide 100% UV protection, so you can allow your children to wear them with confidence. Each pair of sunglasses has been designed to maximize sun protection and stay put. Most of our styles come with soft neoprene straps so they stay on during the most vigorous sports activities. The three sunglass styles featured above also have a wrap-style design for extra staying power and sun protection.


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