Sports Cited as Top Cause of Eye Injury in Children

Eye Protection for SportsLittle ones always seem to find trouble, which is why we tell them things like not to run with scissors. But when it comes to sports, we obviously can’t tell them not to play. While we often associate sports injuries with broken bones or skinned knees in children, eye injuries are incredibly common.

According to the National Eye Institute, the leading cause of eye injuries among school-aged children is sports related. Among the sports most often cited for eye injuries, baseball and basketball topped the rankings. The good news is, however, that eye injuries are also the most preventable form of sports injury.

From Hugh Parry, President and CEO of Prevent Blindness America:

“Our healthy eyesight is something that we can sometimes take for granted. But, in an instant, a severe eye injury can have life changing results. By consistently wearing the right eye protection while playing sports, we can help eliminate vision loss and permanent blindness in children and adults.”

With the proper eye protection from Real Kids Shades, children can enjoy sports while parents can enjoy watching and knowing their child is protected.



Photo via Zen Photography