Special Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, 2012, so it’s time to start doing some preparation for honoring your mother—or, if you are a mom yourself, you may want to share this post with your kids or husband!

Here are some thoughtful ways to celebrate the special mothers in your life:

  • Decide if mom might want a day off from the kids or more time with them. Let’s face it—mothers of little ones are probably happy for Mother’s Day to be a day of R & R away from the kids, while mothers of teens are sure to crave some time with their children who never seem to be around!
  • Celebrate all special mothers in your life. You don’t have to confine a Mother’s Day celebration to your own family. Take the time to do something special for friends and neighbors to show how much you appreciate their efforts to be a great mom.
  • Create something special for mom. Nothing beats a homemade gift, and particularly one that features photos of their little ones! Family Fun has great craft ideas on their website.
  • Honor hard-working mothers by donating to mothers in need. Many organizations help mothers and their children. Donating to this type of charity will honor motherhood everywhere.
  • Create a Mother’s Day Memory Jar. Decorate a large glass jar and have each child write down a special memory about mom to be saved inside. The memories can be added to year after year, and it will become a treasured family heirloom.

Does your family have any special ways they celebrate Mother’s Day? Leave a comment and let us know.