Sky & Surf: Stylish Kids’ Shades for Fun in the Sun

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Your kids want fashionable sunglasses that look like the ones they see their favorite actors and singers wearing, but let’s face it –  the stylish shades from the dollar bin at the party store don’t offer the best in UV protection for your kids’ eyes and aren’t all that durable either. Because we know you want the best of both worlds when it comes to protecting your kids’ eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, Real Kids has revamped our line of sunglasses with two styles inspired by two of the most iconic styles of sunglasses!


Our Sky and Surf children’s sunglasses were inspired by classic aviator and wayfarer styles and are available in three size ranges to fit kids at various ages and stages of life. These iconic looks both provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and are hard wearing to suit the lifestyles of even the most active kids.

kids' sunglasses with 100% UV protection
Sky sunglasses by Real Kids

Features of the Sky and Surf Shades Include:

  • FlexFit™ – Both the Sky and Surf shades feature FlexFit™ technology that allow the frames to fit your child comfortably as well as bend and twist without the risk of breaking.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses – As always, our sunglasses are made with professional grade polycarbonate lenses to ensure they are both shatterproof and impact resistant to help protect little eyes from injury.
  • Ages and Stages – Both styles are available in three sizes: Toddlers (2+), Kids (4+), and Youth (7+).
  • Doctor Recommended – Like all our children’s sunglasses, the Sky and Surf shades recommended by doctors. Plus, both of the styles are CE certified, CPSIA compliant, and FDA approved.
fashionable sunglasses with UV protection for kids
Surf sunglasses by Real Kids

In addition to their stylish looks,  you are sure to find a pair of Sky or Surf sunglasses your child will love through the variety of colors available.  Our Sky shades come in the lively tones of aqua, black, pink, and royal. For Youth, our Surf sunglasses come in the bright neon hues of blue, pink, and red, plus ultra stylish black. For Toddlers and Kids, you can also choose two bonus colors of green and orange.


You can purchase both the Sky and Surf styles of children’s sunglasses either through the Real Kids website or from a retailer near you. Find out where you can buy the Sky and Surf shades, along with other Real Kids sunglasses, by using our store locator tool.

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