Skiing, Sun and Shades: Risks on the Slopes

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You apply sunscreen, wear a hat and put on pair of polarized shades to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays before heading to the beach, but these steps should be followed before partaking in winter activities too – especially if you are going skiing this season. Most people don’t think to protect their eyes and skin from the sun during the winter, but the high altitude, thin air and bright reflective snow can amplify the effects of the sun while on the slopes.

UVA and more harmful UVB rays shine throughout the ski slopes on a sunny winter day. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the sun’s rays are even stronger when bouncing off a blanket of snow, as The Arizona Republic reports. A lot of first-time skiers are surprised when they notice bad sunburns when they get back to the lodge. Cataracts, snow blindness and even cancer can be some of the results of years of long-term exposure to such damaging rays. That is why it is extremely important to start protecting yourself at a young age. If you plan on hitting the slopes with your kids this winter, make sure both their eyes and yours are protected with a pair of polarized sunglasses.

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