Simple & Sweet Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the ones you love the most by spending time together as a family. These simple-to-make crafts are perfect for cards and gifts while being fun for both parents and children.


Source: Martha Stewart


Hand-Shaped Valentines

There is nothing more adorable than little hands, making this Valentine’s Day craft from Martha Stewart the perfect way to send a message to someone special. Simply draw around your child’s hand on a piece of paper, cut out the handprint, and decorate the card however you wish. You can even attach a small gift to the card such as a ring or candy.


Source: Martha Stewart


Valentine’s Day Card Bookmark

Another idea from Martha Stewart are cards that double up as bookmarks. You can find templates on the website to print and cut out, and you will also need an edge punch to cut out shapes that you can stick to the card. To finish, punch both ends of the bookmark. Those you give cards to will remember how much you care every time they use the bookmark.


Source: Tara Donne via Parents


Yarn Heart Cards

This craft from Parents is an ideal choice for your child’s teacher. Use child-safe plastic needles to sew a heart that you can incorporate into the card.


Source: Parents


Painted Planters

From Parents comes another fun craft idea that you can use as a Valentine’s Day gift. Using acrylic paint, decorate a terracotta pot in which you can place a flower or attractive plant.


Source: Parents


Clay Hearts

For this final idea from Parents, roll white Crayola Model Magic into small balls and add a drop of food coloring to the center of each. Knead the balls until the color has spread evenly and then flatten the ball. Cut each into a heart shape, smoothing the edges, and use letter stamps to press a message into the heart. You can then use your clay hearts to create pins, magnets, or necklaces.

Please share with us your suggestions for spending time together as a family this Valentine’s Day.

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