Signs that Your Child Has an Eye Injury

Children are very susceptible to sustaining eye injuries. If you’re concerned your child may have obtained an eye injury, you’ll want to know how to identify said injury and whether it is something that requires medical attention.

Below, check out the list of signs, courtesy of Prevent Blindness America, that your child has sustained an eye injury. If your child is exhibiting any of the following signs, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Contact your child’s physician or eye doctor immediately.

  • Your child is experiencing pain or is having trouble seeing.
  • One of your child’s eyelids is torn or cut.
  • One of your child’s eyes is not moving as well as the other eye.
  • One of your child’s eyes is sticking out as compared to your child’s other eye.
  • Your child’s eye has an abnormal pupil shape or size.
  • In the clear part of your child’s eye, there is blood.
  • There is something under your child’s eyelid or inside your child’s eye that cannot be removed easily.

Image courtesy of wheels3217 via Flickr