Show your Child’s Patriotism with Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades

Kids in Real Kids Shades

It’s official, summer is here and the first holiday of the season is only a few weeks away. We know you’ll have your little ones dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue whether your family is celebrating at the beach or in your backyard. Continue with the theme and show your child’s patriotism while protecting their eyes at the same time with Real Kids Shades!

It’s important to protect your child’s eyes from potential UV damage if you are outdoors no matter the state of the weather because UVA and UVB rays are always present. Real Kids Shades offer 100% UV protection against both types of rays,and no matter which of the sevenĀ  styles you choose each one is available for order in either red, white, blue or all three. So your 9-month-old, 5-year-old and 10-year-old can all show their pride in patriotic colored sunglasses.

To order your child a pair of red, white, or blue sunglasses visit the Real Kids Shades website or your local retailer.