Should Babies wear Sunglasses?

We are often asked at what age babies should start wearing sunglasses. The answer is simply “as soon as possible”! Sun damage to eyes is permanent and non-reversible. Don’t take any chances with your child’s eyes that you will regret down the road. Don’t wait another day to get in the habit of putting sunglasses on your baby, toddler or child.

Just like their sensitive newborn skin, babies’ eyes are particularly vulnerable to sun exposure. In fact, children are most susceptible to sun damage prior to the age of ten.  That is why we make sunglasses small enough for infants just a few weeks old. My First Shades are designed to protect your child’s eyes with shatterproof lenses that provide 100% UV protection. The glasses are designed with a soft neoprene strap so they stay put.

Many parents are apprehensive to try sunglasses for their baby because they feel that their child simply wouldn’t tolerate wearing them. However, just as you would insist that your child sit in a car seat or wear a security belt in their high chair the same holds for putting on sunglasses. These are not an accessory; they are necessary baby gear essential to you infant’s health and well being.

An unwavering commitment to putting these small sunglasses on your child will soon result in your child happily wearing the sunglasses even if they were a bit fussy about it at first!  Our experience is that babies happily wear these comfortable sunglasses sized just for them.

Doesn’t this little guy look like he’s having fun in his My First Shades?


UVA protection sunglasses for kids