Does Lens Color Matter?

When you are trying to pick out a pair of new sunglasses, you will often have the option to choose the color lens that you want them to have. Many people make the mistake of choosing a color based solely on aesthetics, but you should also consider what you plan to do while you’re wearing your sunglasses before picking out a color lens. That’s because the type of color can greatly impact how we see.

GrayDoes Lens Color Matter?

Gray is one of the most popular colors because it’s designed to allow you to see colors in the right form. Gray tint can also be used to reduce glare and brightness, which is why many people choose gray lenses if they plan to wear their shades while driving or playing sports.

Yellow, green, or blue.

Yellow isn’t going to help you much in the sun, but it will provide you with more contrast on hazy or foggy days. Green is another popular lens color that many people shy away from because they think that it will alter their eyesight dramatically, but in reality, it can actually increase visual sharpness. Blue tints, on the other hand, can enhance colors and reduce glare.

Red or brown

Brown tints can be used to reduce glare and brighten your vision on cloudier days, while red tints are ideal for those who use their sunglasses a lot for driving or staring at electronic screens.

Choosing the right tint for your needs can be a bit difficult and overwhelming if you aren’t sure what each specific tint can and should be used for. Real Shades carries a large selection of kid and adult sunglasses and can also help you pick out the tint that is right for you. Call us at 800-283-1106 today to find out why selecting the correct tint is an essential step when purchasing new sunglasses.