September is a Great Month to Read a Book with Your Kids

While some parents may find it difficult to boost their children’s imagination, encouraging kids to read a book can be as easy as riding a bicycle or kicking a soccer ball. If your child is having a hard time picking up a book, use the following tips below in preparation for National Read a Book Day on Sept. 6.

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Help Your Kids Become Fanatic Readers

Find books your kids will actually like

According to CNN, the main reason kids read infrequently is because they can’t find any books they like. If they’re forced to read something they don’t enjoy, reading will soon feel like a chore. Whatever their interests and reading level, there are plenty of books out there your kids will love.

Never discourage your kids

Let your children read what they like, even if it’s not to your own tastes. Never tell your kids that something is too hard or too easy — remember you can always borrow books from the library for free and return the ones they do not like.

Read aloud

Taking turns reading aloud can make reading easier for some children, says GreatSchools. Reading together is also useful for gauging your kids’ reading comprehension, as well as for spending quality time together.

Avoiding Eye Strain

It’s important to take measures to prevent eye strain when kids are reading. Here are a few tips your children can use to keep their eyes healthy while reading.

— Direct light toward the book and out of your child’s eyes.

— If your child uses prescription glasses, increase light levels to make reading easier on their eyes.

— Tell your child to put down their book every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away.

— Remind your child to blink frequently rather than staring solidly at a page.

— If your child suffers from dry eyes, use artificial tears when reading.

Protection from damaging UV rays is just as important for your kids’ eye health as preventing eye strain. Check out Real Kids’ stylish shades and find a pair to reward your child for being such a good reader.