See What Other Parents are Saying About Real Kids Shades

We’re in the business of providing quality sunglasses for kids, so nothing is more rewarding than when real mommies blog about our products, sharing how they help protect their kids’ eyes from harmful UV rays and enjoy a better quality of life.


Here are recent reviews that make us grateful we’re here to provide stylish sun protection for the ones we love the very most – our kids!


Sweet Babies: Courtney and her baby are the stars of Courtney’s Sweets. They love their Sun Hat Combo Pack, as well as Xtreme Elements sunglasses in pink, because of the ultra-comfy fit, and ability to stay in place. For their family outings, sunhats and sunglasses offer more than just ultra sun protection, “We even use it when it starts raining and we don’t have our umbrella on us.” Courtney loves the comfortable fit, adjustable strap, and the fact that “Baby Girl” doesn’t even try to take them off.

Real Kids Shades Xtreme Elements

Source: Courtney’s Sweets


Good Things Come in 3s: At Growing up Madison, our products were put to the test by three kiddos, ranging from 17 months to 12 years old. All three kids found sunglasses they love. Madison is a fan of the Sun Hat Combo Pack. Seven-year old Mikael loved the Xtreme Convertible shades (in red, his favorite color) which can be worn with or without the strap. And 12-year old Kyle loved his stylish Blade style sunglasses, which are hip on the outside but cushioned on the inside. They’re perfect for an adolescent because they “…have that edgy look to them and are shatterproof as well.”

protecting kids' eyes from the sun

Source: Growing up Madison

Budget-conscious safety
. Over at Five Dollar Shake!, Jenn is focused on enjoying a fun life that doesn’t break the bank. She was very impressed with Real Kids Shades and highlighted one of our favorite facts: “Real Kids Shades are the doctor recommended sunblock you can apply directly to your kids’ eyes.” Her granddaughter Becca’s shades stayed on through fast bike rides and monkey bar tricks. Becca enjoyed a pair of Flex sunglasses, designed for the kids who no longer need the strap but still require something a little more flexible.

sunglasses for kids with UV protection

Source: Five Dollar Shake!


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