See the Real Kids Catalog for Bold, Colorful Sunglasses

Source: Real Kids

Source: Real Kids

To help you find the right pair of shades for your children, we have released the Real Kids sunglasses online catalog. The catalog is split into our five age stages, making it easy for you to browse. Under each category, you will find pictures of the shades along with their color options. Here is a quick summary:

Baby 0+

  • Explorer shades feature a removable band to prevent little hands removing sunglasses. They come in navy & orange, cherry pink & lime, aqua & pink, black & red, available with P2 Lens Technology, as well as pink & hot pink, royal & green.
  • My First Shades have a class band instead of temples and come in the patterns and solids of royal, pink daisy, purple hearts, green frog, blue butterfly, navy, and black.

Toddler 2+

  • Explorer is also available for Toddler.
  • Sky shades, in graphite, aqua, pink, or royal, are perfect for toddlers ready for a more grown-up look. 

Kid 4+

  • Explorer and Sky are also available in the Kid age group.
  • Surf comes in red, neon pink, neon green, neon blue, neon orange, and black.
  • Breeze, also available with P2 Lens Technology, comes in purple & navy, white & hot pink, cherry pink & lime, and aqua & pink.
  • Bolt is another style available with P2 Lens Technology and comes in navy & red, black & lime, black & red, and royal & green.

Youth 7+

  • Sky, Surf, Breeze, and Bolt all come in the same options as for Kid.
  • Blaze comes in royal, pink, silver, and black with the option for P2 Lens Technology.
  • Storm, available with P2 Lens Technology, comes in silver, pink, royal, and black.

Tween 10+

  • Sky is slightly adapted for the older age group with color choices of pearlized graphite, pearlized blue, and pearlized pink.
  • Surf for Tween has different color options: black, white, red, white & black, black & neon blue, black & neon pink, black & neon green, and black & neon orange.
  • Blade comes in graphite orange, black & lime, royal & red, and white & navy.
  • Shine comes in pearlized white, black, and tortoise.

Download our online catalog to look through with your kids and find a style that they love.