School Children Wearing ‘Sunnies’ in Sunny Australia

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Image from The Reporter

The Queensland, Australian newspaper The Reporter recently reported that many schools in Queensland are including sunglasses as part of their school uniform. The Aussies understand the need for teaching their children the importance of all types of sun protection.


Australians know that wearing “sunnies,” as they call sunglasses, is an important part of sun protection and promoting children’s health and wellness.


The thinking behind the change is simple—children are outside at school during times of intense sun, so eye protection is essential during the school day. Educators also understand that you need to start teaching this healthy habit early on so it becomes second nature to wear sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors. According to the article:


“Students at Groves Christian College at Kingston are encouraged to wear sunglasses, but Principal Terrence McCorkell said it was not mandatory. ‘We don’t have any issue with our students wearing sunglasses,’ he said. ‘We expect them to wear hats and we think sunglasses are also a great piece of safety equipment for those who wish to use them.'”

Visit The Reporter online to check out the whole article.


We agree—Sunnies for all!


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