Saving Money by Protecting Your Kids’ Eyes

Eye Screenings Recommended by Age for Babies & Kids

There are a number of eye conditions and diseases that can affect the vision of children. Diagnosing and treating these issues early is critical for maintaining the health of their eyes as well as saving money. As per the study conducted by PBA (Prevent Blindness America), NORC (National Opinion Research Center) specialists at UC (University of Chicago), the country’s annual cost of eye problems is close to $140 billion. That makes it more expensive than 3 of the top 7 chronic illnesses (Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer). 

Kids and Eye Diseases, Conditions, and Injuries

Kids are more prone to eye injuries, especially when they’re full of energy. From crayons to toy guns, the chances of getting eye injury while playing with sharp edged toys are high. Common household items like elastic cords or ropes can strike the eyes and cause injury as well. Amblyopia is a condition where the visual acuity of one eye is better than the other. Four percent of children in the US are affected by the condition. Ptosis is a condition where the child’s upper eyelid droops so much that sometimes it covers the entire eye. Conjunctivitis (pink eye) and Chalazion are diseases that can also affect the eye simply from not washing your hands or touching the same doorknob as someone infected.

Prevention tips for kids 

Most of the eye injuries listed above can be prevented. The first thing to do is teach them about keeping their eyes safe. Teach kids how to properly carry pointed or sharp objects. Educate them how to safely play with BB guns or other missile or projectile-type toys. Get protective eyewear for kids and help them to use it properly. Do not let kids use laser toys or laser pointers. When pointed at eyes, they can cause permanent damage. Teach them the importance of adopting safety measures near explosives and fires. Eye conditions and diseases should be treated professionally, in a hospital.

According to John Wittenborn, a research scientist at University Research Center, people do not take eye disorders as seriously as eye diseases. The fact is, eye disorders account for the bulk of medical costs in the country. Preventive eye care is the best way to reduce eye problem related expenses, and this prevention care should begin at childhood.