Safe Travels: Tips for Kids Safety on Halloween

As Halloween night approaches, the most important thing to implement into your kids’ minds is safety. It’s hard, as a parent, when you reach the stage in which your child wants to go off on their own. Playing it safe doesn’t have to take the fun out of Halloween, but try to have a chat before the big night and remember these tips.

  • Stand Out: The days are shorter in October, and it will probably be dark for most trick or treaters. Supply your child with a flashlight to carry with them as they walk around, or use reflective tape in their costume. Usually, placing the tape somewhere on the back of their costume will ensure cars see them when they’re not paying attention to what’s behind them. Best of all, they’ll forget it’s there and you can rest easy.

  • Groups: Get together with other parents and set up groups for the kids to travel in. This can include older siblings, neighbors and friends. However you choose to do it, kids traveling in groups is a great way to keep tabs on where they are and who they’re with. You’ll feel better knowing they’re not alone.

  • Pow-Wow: Set up a place for you and your child to part ways as well as meet back up once trick-or-treating hours have ended. Create a route for them that travels in a circle; give them free reign to go to as many houses as possible during peak hours, and once they’ve reached the end of the circle you will be there to meet them.

  • Cell Phones: This one is tricky; it depends on a lot of factors like the child’s age and level of responsibility. Still, you have the option to supply your kid with a cell phone if you feel that it would be useful. Even if it’s for your own peace of mind, knowing you have a way to get ahold of them is something to consider.

  • No Entering: Be sure to remind your children not to go into any homes or cars. Generally, there are people out and about everywhere on Halloween, and it is not a huge concern especially if they’re with you or a friend. It’s always best to play it safe and give them a reminder.

  • Inspect Candy: Especially if your child has certain food allergies, inspecting their candy once you’ve reunited is a good idea. Check for candy they may be allergic to or open packaging. If you find anything that’s already open or that is harmful to their health, throw it away.
Children In Fancy Costume Dress Going Trick Or Treating