Safe Beach Games for Kids & Adults

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Safe Beach Games for Kids & Adults
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A day out at the beach is the perfect opportunity to get active with the kids. Keep family members of any age entertained by playing some of these fun sports, suggested by Activity Village.

Safe Beach Sports and Games


If you are unable to play at an actual volleyball court on the beach, create your own using a portable badminton net or even windbreakers and picnic baskets. There is no need to stick to the normal rules; you can make up your own according to players’ ages.


A Frisbee is a great item to take to the beach as there are so many games to play:

  • Place objects in the sand to form targets and see who can land the Frisbee nearest.
  • Play Frisbee golf. If you have space, create an entire course of targets (these can even be circles drawn in the sand) and try to land the Frisbee on top. Make the game more challenging by incorporating obstacles that players need to navigate around.
  • Line up some plastic bottles and try to knock them over.

If you want to keep it simple, just throw the Frisbee back and forth in a game of catch. For young children, in particular, this can be plenty satisfying.


Bring along a set of plastic boules or create your own from a set of large balls of the same size and one smaller ball for the target. 

No matter if you are spending the whole day at the beach or just a couple of hours, it is essential to protect your eyes from UV rays. Sunlight is particularly intense at the beach, as rays reflects off smooth surfaces like the sand and ocean. This puts your kids at risk for painful sunburn of the eye as well as long-term damage.

In the Real Kids’ collection, we have shades designed specifically for sports. Keep your kids’ eyes safe from the sun and from impact with the shatterproof, UV-blocking lenses found in one of these sporty styles.

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