Reminder: Buy Your Child Eye Protection for Spring Sports

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Chester County Bobcats 10u in Real Kids Shades
Chester County Bobcats 10u in Real Kids Shades

We know we mentioned it last month, but since spring will officially be here this Sunday we want to take the time to remind you again. With the start of spring sports make sure your child’s eyes and vision are protected by purchasing the proper eye protection for their given sport. Fitted eye protection is one of the most important pieces of equipment your child will wear when playing sports. The correct eye protection will help prevent your child from becoming one of the 35,000 children who suffer from sports-related eye injuries every year.

Depending on the sport, your child may only need a pair of Real Kids Shades to block their eyes from harmful UV rays. We have various styles that were designed specifically with sports safety in mind. One option even converts back-and-forth from everyday sunglasses to sports goggles. To order your child a pair of Real Kids Shades for eye protection during spring sports visit our online store.

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