Remember Sunglasses Over Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is officially upon us! The kids are out of school and you probably have big plans to enjoy a mini vacation or relax at home and remember our troops. If you plan on spending any part of this weekend outdoors whether you are at home or out of town we want to remind you to protect your little ones’ eyes with sunglasses. Regardless if the sun is out shining bright or hiding behind clouds ultraviolet rays are ever present and children are at the most risk if they aren’t wearing protection. Your child’s sunglasses should:

  • reduce glare
  • filter out 99-100% of UV rays
  • fit well and be comfortable
  • accommodate you child’s activities
  • feature lenses large enough to protect their eyes from most angles

We hope you enjoy the extended weekend and protect your family’s eyes while doing so; Happy Memorial Day from everyone here at Real Kids Shades!