Recent Comments from Real Parents About Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades has been featured on several parenting blogs in recent weeks, and we’re excited to share with you what other parents are saying about our cool kids’ sunglasses. If you’re on the lookout for new shades for your kids this summer, take a look at what these parents have to say.


Blogger Momma Lew shared her review of our sunglasses on the blog My Life: A Work in Progress. As the mom of a toddler that’s constantly on the move (then again, what toddler isn’t?), she naturally needed some durable shades that could keep up. Here’s why she chose our My First Shades and Xtreme Elements:

“… The wide neoprene bands have foam padding and feel very soft and comfortable. The lenses on both are shatter proof and impact resistant. I think that’s important for active little ones!”

sunglasses for babies and toddlers

Photo via My Life: A Work in Progress


Mama Harper of the blog Happenings of the Harper Household tested our Flex Shades, Xtreme Sport Shades, and the Sun Hat Combo Pack with her three girls. She shares that her “big girls” love the Flex Shades because they look like “rock star glasses.” And when they get active, they switch to their Xtreme Sport Shades which always stay in place. Her adorable baby Willow tried out our Sun Hat Combo Pack. Mama Harper says the glasses fit perfectly; Willow seemed to actually enjoy wearing them, too! Here’s how Mama Harper sums up her Real Kids Shades experience:

“Real Kids Shades are durable, affordable, and so stinkin cute… Now that I know the difference between toy sunglasses and Real Kids Shades I can guarantee that my girls will only be wearing the real deal.”

sunglasses for children

Photo via Happenings of the Harper Household


Blogger at Housewife on a Mission, Megan with her kids gave a pair of My First Shades and a pair of Flex Duo Shades a whirl. She admits that she wasn’t sure if her son would be comfortable in his My First Shades since he had never worn sunglasses before. To her surprise, it only took him a few minutes to grow to love them. Her favorite part about our Flex Duo sunglasses is that they truly are flexible enough to withstand everything from the playground to the pool.

“Overall, I really like my kid’s new Real Kids Shades sunglasses. They both look great, and I know that their eyes are fully protected from the Sun.”

sunglasses for kids with UV protection

Photo via Housewife on a Mission


Alicia from Getting Green with Baby, which is currently holding a Real Kids Shades giveaway, tried a pair of My First Shades, as well as the Sun Hat Combo Pack in pink. She was very pleased with how comfortable each was for her little girl, Myka. And of course, she is comforted by the fact that they provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, which she says is “pretty impressive!” While she loves the fun designs and colors, Alicia says it’s all about the design:

“These glasses aren’t just miniature versions of adult sunglasses: they’re made with kids in mind and specifically to fit them comfortably.”

sunglasses and sun hats for babies

Photo via Getting Green with Baby


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