Real Kids Shades Get Rave Reviews From the Experts!

Here at Real Kids Shades, we have been so impressed to see how quickly the news of children’s sunglasses can spread! Over the last several months, we have had several of our favorite bloggers share honest reviews with their readers and speak on behalf of the great sun protection and style provided with our uniquely designed sunglasses. Their reviews have given us even more fantastic new ideas and have encouraged us to continue spreading the word about children’s eye safety.


Real Kids Shades Reviews

Real Kids Shades keep kids safe and stylish.

We have shared with you why Real Kids Shades should become an essential aspect of protecting your children, now here’s a look at what other moms are saying about Real Kids Shades!


She loves them! She loved them the instant she saw them.  You see she helps me often open all the mail, as a review blogger this is always mail! She saw these she insisted they must be hers. I joked and said they wouldn’t fit her and must be for one of her younger sisters. She scooped them up and put them right on to make sure I was wrong. They did fit! You see the ages for this pair is 7-12 years old and she had just turned 13!  They fit wonderfully. Thank you Real Kid Shades. Please make ones for bigger kids too, this kid is growing!” — Little Crunchy


“While it doesn’t hurt to look stylish, focus on safety. Choose a brand that blocks block 100% of both types of ultraviolet rays, UV-A and UV-B. A UV 400 rating is best. Make it a habit to put them on your child, even if he (or she) doesn’t like it at first. It’s a habit to grow into. And if you get some of the great offerings sold at Real Kids Shades, they’ll not only be as safe as possible, they’ll look great on their closeup!” — Sea World Mommy 


“Both of my children loved them and seemed very comfortable in their new shades from Real Kids Shades!  I love that the lenses are good quality and are equipped to provide 100% UV protection for my precious little one’s eyes… I would highly recommend checking out Real Kids Shades to purchase sun protection for your little ones eyes.  They have a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from, with sizes ranging from infancy to toddler and then young school age children as well.” — The Frugal Greenish Mama


“According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under 10 years of age are at an increased risk for permanent retinal damage from the sunlight.(RKS) So it is important of everyone to wear shades, including kids. Now that we know how much damage the sun can cause we really have no excuse as parents not to protect our children” – The Life of a Home Mom 

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