Real Kids Shades and Season UV Solutions Giveaway

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GiveawayNow recently paired up with Real Kids Shades and Seasons UV Solutions to host a special giveaway of sunglasses and sun hats for all the children in the family! The winner of this awesome giveaway will be announced on Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

But in honor of this Real Kids Shades & Seasons UV Sun Hats Giveaway, we thought we’d write a post featuring pairings of some awesome sunglasses from Real Kids Shades and really cool sun hats from Seasons UV.

These cute pink Flex sunglasses by Real Kids Shades would look adorable paired with this pink and purple Supergirl Swim & Sun Hat by Seasons UV!

These blue Racer sunglasses by Real Kids Shades would look awesome paired with this super cool blue LOL Bandana by Seasons UV!

These teal and blue My First Shades by Real Kids Shades go perfectly with this teal and blue LOL Laugh Out Loud Swim & Sun Hat by Seasons UV!

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