Real Kids Provides Cool Shades for Kids at Every Stage

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Real Kids Provides Cool Shades for Kids at Every Stage
Source: Real Kids

For sunglasses to effectively block 100 percent of UV rays and protect eyes from impact or debris during sports and outdoor activities, you have to consider more than just lenses. Shades must completely cover the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes and fit comfortably. This means finding the right size.

Real Kids sunglasses come in five sizes, each designed for a different age group, ranging from infancy to young adulthood. Our shades take into consideration the size and shape of kids’ faces as well as their likes, dislikes, and needs at various ages. Here is what we offer for each stage:

Baby 0+

Like all Real Kids sunglasses, My First Shades, Explorer, and Explorer Polarized offer 100 percent UV protection and shatterproof lenses. These styles also feature an adjustable band to keep keep shades secure and comfortable.

Toddler 2+

Explorer and Explorer Polarized are also available for toddlers who would still benefit from an adjustable band. Plus, at this stage, we introduce the iconic styles of Surf and Sky. These two shades also feature unbreakable FlexFit™ frames that can bend in all direction before bouncing back into place.

Kid 4+

We have a wide range of options for the Kid age group with four from Toddler available in this larger size — Explorer, Explorer Polarized, Surf, and Sky — along with Bolt, Bolt Polarized, Breeze, and Breeze Polarized. Remember, our polarized models feature P2 Lens Technology, which eliminates glare and enhances contrast for better visual clarity and reduced risk of eye strain.

Youth 7+

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from for Youth, meeting the diverse preferences of this age group: Bolt, Bolt Polarized, Breeze, Breeze Polarized, Surf, Sky, Blaze, Blaze Polarized, Storm, and Storm Polarized.

Tween 10+

Our Tween collection consists of a mixture of sporty sunglasses — Blade and Blade Polarized — along with fashionable shades that look like adults’ sunglasses but fit a smaller face — Swag, Shine, and Fly.

Check out the exact dimensions of lenses and frames in every style to find a pair of shades that will fit your child and look great.

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