Real Kids Polycarbonate Glasses and Lenses Protect Eyes in Every Situation

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Real Kids Polycarbonate Glasses and Lenses Protect Eyes in Every Situation
Polycarbonate lenses help protect your kids’ eyes every day! Source: Real Kids

Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic available and has numerous uses from workplace goggles and eyewear for sports to astronaut helmet shields and daily-use sunglasses. If you opt for shades with polycarbonate lenses, you can protect your eyes from potential injuries caused by impact in sports or debris and chemicals in maintenance tasks. However, neglect proper eyewear and you may suffer injuries that could result in anything from minor pain and discomfort to permanent loss of vision, explains VSP.

Polycarbonate Lenses and Glasses for Kids

Polycarbonate lenses should be a necessity when choosing kids’ eyewear. Whereas there are other types of industrial-strength, impact-resistant plastics, nothing is as strong as polycarbonate. And why settle for anything less when your kids’ eye safety and vision are on the line?

Kids’ eyewear with polycarbonate lenses comes in a huge range of designs, some of them very fashionable, and in all sorts of eyewear. If your kids normally wear corrective glasses, you can even find polycarbonate glasses in their prescription.

Shades are the most versatile type of polycarbonate eyewear, as they are suitable for all sorts of activities. Plus, at the same time as protecting young eyes from injuries, they block UV rays, keeping kids safe from sun damage. Often, you can find sunglasses with polycarbonate frames as well as lenses. These are particularly favored for young children and sports use because they are completely unbreakable.

For sports, high-quality polycarbonate eyewear is essential. A huge number of eye injuries occur every year during sports games, particularly in those that involve fast moving objects or racquets. Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports of all, as eye injuries can occur due to contact with fingernails and jabs with elbows.

Real Kids’ shades all feature polycarbonate lenses, and many of the designs even come with polycarbonate frames. All our sunglasses help to protect your kids’ eyes in every situation — playing out in the yard, going on vacation, participating in sports, and even during recess. Find a pair to suit your child’s needs in the Real Kids collection.

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