Real Kids: New and Improved Sun Essentials for Kids

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We’re thrilled to share the new look of Real Kids with all of our readers! For a while, we’ve been working to improve our products to offer parents the best possible UV protection with styles of sunglasses designed specifically for the different ages and stages kids go through. As a result, we’ve created an extensive product line of high-quality children’s sunglasses in five sizes that focus on fit, performance and style.


Now, Real Kids offers a variety of custom-sized products in the following age ranges.

infant and baby sunglasses
Baby: 0+
Style Shown: Explorer
Real Kids toddler sunglasses
Toddler: 2+
Style Shown: Explorer
kids sunglasses
Kid: 4+
Style Shown: Bolt
sunglasses for kids
Youth: 7+
Style Shown: Storm
tween sunglasses with UV protection
Tween: 10+
Style Shown: Fly


In addition to offering a wider range of fashion-forward sunglasses targeted toward the needs of growing children, we’ve also made improvements to the innovative features of our new and improved product line. While all of our shades still feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and 100% UVA and UVB protection, below are some of the great new features Real Kids sunglasses have to offer.


  • Flex-Fit™ – Our shades are made with a TPEE polymer, which is a rubber-like substance that can bend, twist and bounce back into  shape.
  • Does your child require prescription lenses? Not a problem! Real Kids’ ophthalmic quality frames can accept your child’s prescription.
  • Our frames are sturdy and unbreakable, making them safe for any activity. To further enhance safety, our dual-color frames are created with no paint.
  • P2 Lens Technology – This new technology combines top quality lens material with the strongest anti-glare possible to create impact and scratch-resistant sunglasses, while reducing glare by 99%.


We’re excited to share the new look of Real Kids with you, and we look forward to telling you more about our new sunglasses designed specifically for the different ages and stages of childhood. Stay tuned for more details on our new products, or check out our website for a sneak peek!


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