Real Kids Lens Technology Guarantees Safety

Real Kids Lens Technology Guarantees Safety

Our sunglasses meet the highest testing standards. Source: zirconicusso via

Kids’ sunglasses need to be more than just a fashion item; they should protect young eyes both from UV rays and potential injury when playing outdoors or participating in sports. Designs that offer only low UV-protection may actually damage eyes, as the lens of the eye must open wider to be able to see, which allows more UV light to enter. Another worry is that low-grade lens material can shatter upon impact.

We know that parents have these concerns, which is why we created our Real Kids Shades lens technology. Several characteristics of our lenses ensure that they meet the highest testing standards for safety and performance.

UV Protection

All our shades block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. UVA rays are the less dangerous of the two, but it is still better to protect eyes from these rays to avoid vision problems in the future. UVB rays, on the other hand, pose a high risk to eyes, and long-term exposure can lead to several serious eye diseases.

In addition to UV protection, all our shades feature an 8-base curve to avoid peripheral light entering the eye.


Both our regular and polarized models of sunglasses feature lenses made from optical-grade polycarbonate. Comfortably lightweight on your child’s small face, this material is also impact resistant and provides optical clarity.

Mirrored Lenses

Some of our shades feature mirrored lenses that reflect light away from the surface of the lens to reduce glare and improve visual definition. Our mirrored lenses come in blue, green, silver, and rose.

Polarized Shades

Many of our shades are now available with P2 lens technology, which polarizes our high-quality, shatterproof lenses. Lenses are encased in injected polycarbonate to make them more durable and comfortable. By eliminating glare entirely and enhancing contrast, children can see more easily and have less risk of eye strain in bright sunlight. Our polarized shades are ideal for being out in the snow or taking part in water sports.

Take advantage of the Real Kids Shades lens technology by picking up a pair of sunglasses from our online store.