Protecting Kids Eyes Protects Their Futures


Good vision is very important to a kid’s physical development, success in school, and overall well-being. Vision problems can adversely affect a baby’s ability to develop hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and basic skills. Older kids with poor vision may perform poorly in school or sports which usually prompts anger and frustration. 

School drop-outs usually encounter serious problems in their adult life. Illiteracy in children is usually a result of untreated vision problems. Eighty percent of what kids learn is through their eyes. The following statistics shows the impact vision problems can have in children.

  • One in four children in the country has an untreated or uncorrected eye/vision problem.
  • 50 percent of kids detected with eye problems during eye screenings conducted in the school never seek professional eye treatment.
  • 80 percent of kids who cannot read properly have eye problems.
  • 65 to 74 percentage of under-age or juvenile offenders have eye problems.

Long-term and immediate benefits

Protecting the eyes of children means good and improved vision, which will result in better chances for good behavior and performance in school. Educated children tend to be more productive in adulthood than school drop outs who, as per statistics, earn 50 percent less and have a higher probability of getting incarcerated. According to Essilor Foundation, prisons calculate their future necessity for beds based on third grade reading levels. They provide the following statistics as well.

According to the foundation, if more kids graduated every year, then US would be able to save around $1 billion annually. It will also result in fewer crimes. For this to happen, all it takes is an eye exam and proper eye treatment, maybe as simple as getting eyeglasses.

The vision system is important in babies and young children for the proper development of the brain. Detecting any problem at an early stage will help to correct it. Otherwise, it will become very harder to correct the problem and some of the most extreme cases listed above could be the end result.