Protect Your Toddler’s Eyes with Explorer, Sky and Surf

Healthy eyes are crucial to your toddler’s cognitive development, so it’s important to do your part to keep them healthy. You undoubtedly use sun screen to protect your child’s skin, but you should pay equal attention to their eyes by ensuring they wear kid’s sunglasses with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

Wherever you plan to go with your toddlers this summer, we have four different shade designs to choose from to protect your little one’s eyes.

Toddler Explorer

Explorer Shades in Aqua/Pink


Perfect for active young children prone to losing shades, Explorer sunglasses have an adjustable band that keeps them well-attached and comfortable. Furthermore, the wrap-around design blocks out even more sunlight that can damage the eyes and the surrounding sensitive skin. Your little one can choose between the snazzy color combinations of aqua/pink, navy/orange, cherry pink/lime, black/red, royal/green and pink/hot pink.

Toddler Explorer P2

Explorer Polarized Shades in Navy/Orange

Explorer Polarized

Explorer Polarized shades have all of the above features of regular Explorer sunglasses, but with our P2™ lens technology included. Our polarized lenses are injected in a polycarbonate material, making them shatterproof, impact-resistant and scratch-proof, all while reducing the glare of reflective surfaces — such as water — by 99 percent. Polarized sunglasses are perfect for improving comfort and vision during a sunny day at the beach. Explorer Polarized shades are available in aqua/pink, black/red, pink/lime and navy/orange.

Toddler Sky

Sky Shades in Pink


Like all of our sunglasses, Sky shades offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. These classic style shades feature strong frames that won’t break no matter how they’re treated and shatterproof lenses. Sky sunglasses come in four attractive colors, including aqua, black, pink and royal.

Toddler Surf

Surf Shades in Red


Unbreakable Surf shades feature frames that bend, twist and flex only to bounce back into shape. This iconic style is available in the bright, fun colors of blue, pink, red, black, green and orange.

You can find all of the above shades for toddlers, along with our children’s sunglasses for other ages and stages, in the Real Kids collection.