Protect Your Pup

dogs in dogglesYou have on your sunglasses to protect you eyes from UV rays, your child has on a pair of Real Kids Shades, but what about your pooch? Just as UV rays from the sun can damage our eyes, too much exposure is harmful for our dogs as well. To protect your dog’s eyes from sun damage take the same precautions you would with yourself and your child by wearing sunglasses. Yes, there are sunglasses for dogs, or sungoggles to be exact. At the least your pet’s sungoggles should block 50 percent of harmful rays, but more is always better. The goggles will also protect your dog’s eyes from wind and debris. They come in sizes to fit all sized dogs and stay on comfortably with plush elastic straps behind the head and under the chin. Remember to protect your pooch from sun damage by strapping on a pair of sungoggles when you put on you and your child’s sunglasses!

Image from Doggles