Protect Your Kids Eyes for Better Sports Performance

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So you thought that protective eyewear was just meant to keep your kid’s eyes safe from injuries? Good news: there’s more. Research suggests that sports eyewear can actually enhance a player’s performance. These glasses are designed in a way so that they fit comfortably and securely during sports activities and also enhance their vision to offer improved performance!

Need of Protective Eyewear

Even if your child has perfect vision, the correct sports eyewear can help in reducing glare, enhancing contrast, and allowing them to have an even better view with more swift reactions.

Besides correcting eyesight, anti-glare, polarized, tinted sunglasses could help minimize environmental factors which have the potential to slowdown the game. Good-quality eyewear is vital for children who actively engage in sports, especially the high risk ones involving high speeds and dangerous equipment. They require protective eyewear and sports sunglasses to prevent injuries.

Like all other skills, visual skills are also developed in human beings and can be improved. Sports and protective eyewear can improve peripheral vision, depth perception, eye tracking, and visual concentration in young athletes. Ultimately, such improvements impact the overall performance of the player. It is a good idea to visit an optometric physician to discuss the need for specialized sports eyewear for your kids.

Below are some of the signs which may indicate that your child needs specialized protective eyewear while playing sports:

  • Inability to view the ball properly
  • Finding it difficult to remember plays
  • Making the same mistakes repeatedly
  • Lacking noteworthy improvement over a period of time with practice
  • Finding it hard to place the ball and other players at various times
  • Incorrect estimation of the distance of players, the ball and boundaries
  • Excessively sunny weather conditions

Regardless of a child’s vision capabilities, talk to your doctor about the sports they’re playing and see if it would be beneficial to provide protective eyewear. Not only will it keep them safe, but it will enhance their performance and confidence.


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